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I'm switching to a new account.  Comment if you want to know the name :) I'll give this account a few, idk, weeks maybe, before probably deleting it.
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Nope, not dead! XD Sorry for the inactivity, school and my renaissance project sucked up my spare time for the past month.  Plus, I currently lack an ipad :/  I think I'm getting another though?  I'm on tumblr, did I tell you guys?  I think I did. 
Anyway, I'm starting on my serious non-fandom books, so here's hoping I can finish and publish one! :D The renaissance faire inspired another out of me that I love~
If I've missed anything from my internet friends that I should see, lemme know k? :3  Any RPs I'll try and get back to.
Knight of Blood by IceLuxray
Knight of Blood
I...seem to have God Tiered.  Hunh o.o

lol.  Yeah just a school doodle.  The thing I'm holding there (well actually I'm holding two but you can't see the other) is a weapon made from boomerangs, a pocket knife, and fans (the pretty Chinese felt foldy ones).  Chakram Tessens?  XD  there's also a bottle there for blood.  Because Blood player headcanon blood kinesis
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SO today was the first and very very likely only time I'll ever be in school on my birthday XD to commemorate it, I wore my Dalek cosplay dress to school XP~ And, since I had a grievous lack of big buttons that say "Birthday Girl" or something along those lines, I wore the next best thing I had--a holiday bell collar XDDD

jingle jingle jingle
    The base directed Ley to the living room.  When she returned there, she found a golden-eyed Irken female sitting with Dib on the couch, Pleecy’s robot Neeka curled up between them incognito.  Dib was explaining something from a movie to the Irken—very likely, the Mystic (what had Pleecy said her name was?  Ah, yes, Estát)—who looked somewhat bemused.
    “Why, how odd!” Estát exclaimed.  Yes, she was certainly from the higher ranks, Ley could tell from her speech.  When they weren’t being devilishly skillful conquerors (which was most of the time), ‘taller’ Irkens could sometimes actually be formal, to a degree.  They held balls of a sort and everything, on the home world.  They all more or less got drunk on special Irken sweets and the formality didn’t last long at all, but still.  “And they all fit in such a lithe form?”
    Dib winced awkwardly a little as Estát poked him in the stomach a few times.  “Uh, yeah.  They’re all coiled up, but yeah.  Why, don’t aliens have intestines?”  After he realized he’d asked a question about Irkens, Dib’s eyes sparkled with strategic, morbid curiosity.
    Ley made her presence in the kitchen doorway known before Estát could answer the human.  “Hello, you two.”
   Dib looked over.  “Oh.  Hey, Ley.  What are you doing here?”  After Dib’s accident in Pleecy’s labs, Pleecy had introduced him to Ley, since they apparently had similar interests and Ley was a Swollen Eyeball member. An Examiner, in fact!  But she’d also gone on an intergalactic shopping trip with Pleecy in order to reverse Dib’s accident, so running into her after Pleecy had given his memories back or whatever was surreal, and reminded him how he’d lived a year of his young life with a bit of total ignorance.   Gaz had been there; he wondered if she remembered.  
    “Pleecy has asked me to train her sister,” Ley answered with a small smile, gaze going to Estát.
    Estát’s gilded eyes somehow got wider.  “R-really?”  
    Ley nodded.  “You most certainly need it.  Can’t be running around with dangerous skills you have little idea how to consciously control well, can you?”
    Ley was smiling amiably as she spoke, but Estát wilted and looked down a little, shaking her head.  Ley couldn’t tell if she was embarrassed or ashamed.
    The night-haired girl stepped forward to tip Estát’s chin back up.  “Hey, now.  Don’t fret.  You’ll do fine.  We need to get you some training in before Earth’s full moon arrives, anyway.”  Estát nodded vigorously to that.  Good, Ley thought, she already knew what full moons did to Mystics.
    Ley sat on the couch arm beside Estát.  “So, dear.  Tell me about yourself.”
    She told Ley (tentatively) about her job on the Massive; the plans she’d helped create (which clearly made Dib’s skin crawl to hear.  Ley could relate); the few times her abilities had caused trouble (mostly triggered explosions when she was angry or afraid, but both were rare emotions, according to her); what the Tallests valued in her (yes, this was preached to every high-positioned Irken who was regularly on the Massive.  No one was sure whether they were being sincere or manipulative); and how she’d been fired and sent adrift.
    Ley listened well, and then returned the favor, tell the Mystic about how her parents had adopted her from India; her job in her father’s car garage under the house; her homeschooling; and her hobbies.  When Estát asked how she knew Invader Pleecy so well (apparently), Ley’s eyes flickered to Dib and she simply answered, “Uhm…a local club.”  
    Estát had obviously learned the skills of a high-positioned Irken well to have gleaned that much.  From her backstory as she had given it, there was nowhere for Ley to have met and befriended an alien.  Said alien didn’t mind her being in its home and knowing it was an alien, though, which was obvious in how Ley hadn’t reacted in the slightest to Estát not being human.  Also, there was room for suspicion because Ley apparently knew how to train a Mystic, or else Invader Pleecy would not have entrusted such a task to her.  Ley would have to talk to Estát about ‘how she had met Pleecy’ later.  As well as perhaps other things.
    At that point they fell into casual small talk, both females noticeably trying to chat around giving Dib anything helpful (Dib somehow didn’t realize this, either).  Eventually the base told them that Pleecy was about to leave for the Massive and she’d invited them to come see her before she left.  All three figured they’d better.

 The computer took them back to Pleecy’s and Diz’s shared dock, where Pleecy was rummaging through the interior of her voot cruiser, double-checking everything.  She had already discussed with Diz and her computer earlier.  
    “Pleecy,” Ley greeted with a slight smirk after they’d watched the Blue for a few moments, knowing that Pleecy likely wouldn’t notice them until she was done.
    Pleecy paused at the greeting, and worked her way out of the ship, “Ah, there you guys are.  I’m leaving soon.  I thought we might as well do the seeing-off thing Earthlings do.  Isn’t that a tradition or something?”
    Dib frowned curiously, “What are you leaving for, Pleecy?  Another alien road trip?”
   “Not quite, Dib.”  Pleecy jumped down from the ship and started over to them.  “I have a couple of idiots to chew out, that’s all,” she told him easily, as if it were an everyday occurrence.  Ley knew it might as well be.
    “What about skool?”  Dib was glad it was a Friday—er, probably early Saturday now, since he’d found Estát on Friday evening.  Dib knew by now that Pleecy could pull herself some strings at that place, but still.  The adults there could be scary.
    “Oh I won’t be very long.  I’m visiting family, you know~?” Pleecy winked with a classic Irken grin.  Dib blinked in remembrance; Pleecy had always told people that her father worked for some government, and so she lived alone because she was radioactive after some accident and her father was always busy but was also rich enough for robo-nanny houses.  He now figured none of that was correct in any way. But he shrugged; she had a good point that even the skool could barely argue with.
    “Anyway,” Pleecy continued, looking to Estát seriously.  “You know about full moons, right?”  Estát nodded, just as serious.  “Ever experienced one?”  Estát’s seriousness melted into nervousness, and she shook her head.  Pleecy patted her shoulder reassuringly.  “Don’t worry, the house knows what to do.  You’ll be fine.”  Estát nodded meekly.  Pleecy glanced between the gold-eyed Irken and Ley a little.  “Keep in mind that Mystic training was meant for you to go through as a smeet, so it’s about as hard as Smeet training.  However…” Pleecy looked to Ley, “I have a feeling it might get kicked up a notch, since you’re much older than a smeet.”
    Ley grinned a bit and nodded.  “It only makes sense.  She’s a high-position; she can handle it just fine.”
    “Except the quieter parts,” Pleecy mused wryly, then turned back to Estát and patted her shoulder again with another Irken grin.  “When I get back, you’ll have your job back.  Just you watch.”
    Estát had been glancing between Ley and Pleecy evenly, as if she was analyzing again.  She nodded.  “Mind the Tallests.  I’m sure you know how they can be,” she warned.
    Pleecy grinned again knowingly and nodded.  “Oooh, I know how those antennae brains can be.”  (That was an Irken term equitable to ‘airhead.’)  She turned away from the group with a casual wavy-salute in goodbye.  Ley couldn’t help but smile to herself a little.  Pleecy never was one to flat-out say anything along the lines of ‘goodbye’.  She was too confident in her abilities (sometimes too confident) to think she might not return to someone she cared about.  Not that there ever had been many beings like that.
    Kitty-disguised Neeka trotted up to Pleecy, who gave her a few command codes.  Neeka’s eyes flashed dutifully red, and she sat at attention with a nod.  Pleecy gave her a pet between the ears before turning to hop into her ship.  (And there was one of those beings, Ley thought to herself warmly at the sight.)
    After Pleecy took off (Dib fangirled over the Irken ship taking off, and Estát had to give him a little shock to get him back on focus and out of the ship dock, with all its alien technology), Ley took another look at the chambers in Pleecy’s labs that the Blue Irken had set aside for training and such.  It would be better for Estát to not leave Pleecy’s base, especially since Ley’s labs weren’t as equipped weapon-wise as Pleecy’s would be, and so these chambers would have to do.  Ley decided she’d have to bring some equipment and handy stuff over, but that was about all that she’d need to edit about the chambers.  Except maybe the electronic circuitry.  Namely, shutting off as many from use in the chambers as possible.  The less electricity present to react to Estát and her emotions, the better.  Perhaps a coating of rubber would be beneficial, too.  And she couldn’t forget to get Heral transferred.  Still have to watch out for a possible assassin.  Ugh.
    To-do list lengthened.  No problem for someone like Ley, though.  She just hoped the assassin was terrible at his job.  Or better, didn’t come.


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Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
(above pic made by:… )

Stories finished: The Skunk Girl, Mystic Mindset Book 1 (MM1) (both currently on

Stories in the works: New, Mystic Mindset Book 2; The Tallest's A.I.D., Dimensinal Pokings

Upcoming stories: Mystic Mindset books 3 and 4, Rennaisance, a Death Family/MLP crossover, a Pokemon story or two, a possible second DF X KH story, a co-op RotG/GoC series, Mystic Mindset Book 1 remake
[major subject to change]


A.K.A. Green, Pleecy, Icey, SkEye, Chido, and any other nickname you'd like to give me. XD

And btw, in case anyone asks, my current icon (which will probably be permanent~) is a special feather from one of my special characters who will not appear on DA except in maybe 'easter eggs' in commissions. IT IS UNIQUE AND SPECIAL TO ME. PLEASE DO NOT DO ANYTHING WITH IT. (used a pic from google and colored it; credit to the outline's maker)


I'm probably going to put the majority of my art on here, mostly character refs etc. for a time. The only art I will not post is art of my Special Characters~ and characters who will be in original books I am planning to write (not Fanfictions).

Whovian, Demigod, Brony, RotG fan, Kingdom Hearts fan, Pokemon fan, Invader Zim fan, Death Note fan, Dragonball fan, Attack on Titan fan, etc.

I fave a lot ^.^ Art's awesome~.
Love to RP, and don't mind making new friends! ^.^

I have 3 established species ('established' meaning that I have them all worked out and they feature heavily at this point):
~Sesmians (mammaloid-humanoid partially Invader Zim fan species) (open species IF AND ONLY IF the individual is confirmed by me) (working its way out of the IZ-fandom-association-fan-species-ness)
~Dragon Ponies (A large, secret family of ponies who have a dragon ancestry) (MLP)
~Storm Ponies (secret subspecies of pony who work for the princesses) (MLP)

Other accounts?~:

SkEye Death's ask account: :iconaskskeyedeath:
SkEye is one of my characters for a group a few of my friends run called the Death Family. Her ask account is shared by Julie, Experiment 152, and Novo Death (new member coming soon!). Some stories I will put exclusively over there, depending on how big a character(s) is featured in it.

Ying and Co. : :icon0ying-of-snowpoint0:
Ying, Yan, Jr., Typhon, and the rest of the New Acuity Clan gang, all on one account.~ Another story to also be posted there, as well as Character Refs for my main group of OC's.

Feature/Gift Corner~! :D

~prize~Solius by MandarTheMousey~prize~Invader Pleecy by MandarTheMousey:thumb324356476:Julie by AskFunkyDeathSkEye Death by AskFunkyDeath:thumb360143001::thumb313954634:IceLuxrays glowie by RedKkPuppyCustom Xanid for IceLuxray by TheMerchantsStallElemental Fox - Water - Closed by xXFoxxy-SilverFangXx:thumb360143001:Icon 1 by PaintedPeaches:thumb362591514:Joyride by KKMWIceLuxrayLa by MandarTheMouseyShadowCat Groupies by Kirara-SouchouFrandss by PaintedPeachesMilk The Dragon Charmer by PaintedPeachesLate giftys! by PaintedPeaches
I'm switching to a new account.  Comment if you want to know the name :) I'll give this account a few, idk, weeks maybe, before probably deleting it.

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