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United States
(above pic made by:… )
Stories finished: The Skunk Girl, Mystic Mindset Book 1 (MM1) (both currently on

Currently-being-written stories: New, Mystic Mindset Book 2; The Tallest's A.I.D., Dimensinal Pokings

Upcoming stories: Mystic Mindset books 3 and 4, Rennaisance, a Death Family/MLP crossover, 2 Pokemon stories (Ying and co.), a possible second DF X KH story
[major subject to change]

When reading my works, please keep in mind the point of view and that my writing style changes and updates from time to time, I.e. MM1 to MM2



A.K.A. [Invader] Pleecy, Icey, SkEye, Chi(o)do, and any other nickname you'd like to call or make up for me. XD

And btw, in case anyone asks, my current icon (which will probably be permanent~) is a special feather from one of my special characters who will not appear on DA except in maybe 'easter eggs' in commissions. IT IS UNIQUE AND SPECIAL TO ME. PLEASE DO NOT DO ANYTHING WITH IT. (used a pic from google and colored it; credit to the outline's maker)


I'll happily take most requests, but idk if I can do all of them since I have TONS of artistic stuff to finish. (stories, things to read, remakes, bios) (SO yeah no requests or commissions for a while. Sesmian adopts possible to come though!)
I'm probably going to put the majority of my art on here, mostly character refs etc. for a time. The only art I will not post is art of my Special Characters~ and characters who will be in original books I am planning to write (not Fanfictions).
ANYWAY, I'm a nerd of the following: Parasychology/paranormal/metaphysics/cryptozoology, multiple sciences, arts, reading, school (LOLZ), Pacifist (just about), videogaming, Pokemon, Kingdom Hearts, Doctor Who, Invader Zim, MLP, philosophy, Dragon Ball (hm...guh what else? XD As you can probably tell, my memory can be anywhere from decent to great at times XD) OVERALL I"M JUST A NERD XD. A PACIFISTIC, HIPPIE-ISH, PHILOSOPHIC NERD XD. For your brain's sake, I do not recommend getting into scientific etc. debates with me >:P I am also prone to inspirational ramblings XD

I am a newfound fan of Doctor Who, Kingdom Hearts, and Warriors! :iconiceluxraylaplz: Longtime fan of Pokémon, Guardians of Ga'Hoole, *insert whatever the frick I may be missing here* ~!

I'm an artist in the following ways: creative arts, literate arts, musical arts (dabbling in martial arts and culanary arts [I'd like to study that perhaps]. My two best friends, :iconcreaturefromthevoid: being one of them :heart:, and my awesome father are all martial arts buffs~:heart: and so therefore it has rubbed off on me :P Dad's recently become a Grand Master.~)

I have accounts on youtube (ACCOUNT IS ALL BUT DEAD XD),, and (ACCOUNT IS DEAD XD), though I'm most active on here and fanfiction. Speaking of, expect some stories from me!~ (LOTS AND LOTS OF THEM. I'M A FRICKIN' IDEA MACHINE ANYMORE. Blessing and a curse XD :iconcryforeverplz: :3)

I fave a lot ^.^ Art's awesome~. And I recently figured out how to use the scanner-printer at my mom's house, so my art is now scanned instead of pictures from a phone~! :iconiceluxraylaplz: Speaking of, I wind up doing photography often too ^.^ Can't help mahself, unless, y'know, I've got Art Block :iconlazycryplz:

Love to RP, and don't mind making new friends! ^.^

Fountain of wisdom XD

I have 3 established species ('established' meaning that I have them all worked out and they feature heavily at this point):
~Sesmians (mammaloid-humanoid partially Invader Zim fan species) (open species IF AND ONLY IF the individual is confirmed by me) (working its way out of the IZ-fandom-association-fan-species-ness)
~Dragon Ponies (A large, secret family of ponies who have a dragon ancestry)
~Storm Ponies (secret subspecies of pony who work for the princesses)

Other accounts?~:

SkEye Death's ask account: :iconaskskeyedeath:
SkEye is one of my characters for a group a few of my friends run called the Death Family. Her ask account is shared by Julie, Experiment 152, and Novo Death (new member coming soon!). Some stories I will put exclusively over there, depending on how big a character(s) is featured in it.

Ying and Co. : :icon0ying-of-snowpoint0:
Ying, Yan, Jr., Typhon, and the rest of the New Snowpoint Clan gang, all on one account.~ God, hope I can keep them from going at each other -.-; Another story to also be posted there, as well as CHaracter Refs for my main group of OC's.

Feature/Gift Corner~! :D

~prize~Solius by MandarTheMousey~prize~Invader Pleecy by MandarTheMouseySkEye Death by strawburdeathJulie by AskFunkyDeathSkEye Death by AskFunkyDeathOC parade by LeoTeo-2ndIceLuxray Ying by Rocky-da-kittehMousey VS Kitties by MandarTheMouseyIceLuxrays glowie by RedKkPuppyCustom Xanid for IceLuxray by TheMerchantsStallElemental Fox - Water - Closed by xXFoxxy-SilverFangXxOC parade by LeoTeo-2ndIcon 1 by PaintedPeachesPokemon OC Parade! finally here by LeoTeo-2ndJoyride by KKMWIceLuxrayLa by MandarTheMouseyShadowCat Groupies by Kirara-SouchouFrandss by PaintedPeachesMilk The Dragon Charmer by PaintedPeachesLate giftys! by PaintedPeaches
  • Mood: Relief
  • Listening to: Anthem of the Lonely
  • Reading: Natural Cures 'They' Don't Want You to Know About
  • Watching: The world turn
  • Playing: Pokemon Y!!! Finally!~
Guess who got into a new anime? XDD

:icondeathnoteplz: :icondeathnotelplz:

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Thanks for the fav :D :iconslowhugplz:
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Yw~ ^.^
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Thanks for the :+fav:s!:)
IceLuxray Apr 9, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Yw~! ^.^ Have a lovely day~
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You too!^^
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 *Knocks on your door, than you answer* I’m sorry to bother you… *You assume I’m a salesman and attempt close the door on my face* No wait I’m from Deviant Art! *At the sound of hearing that you open the door again and give me a skeptical look* I will make this as quick as I can. I just wanted to thank you for visiting Mobis-New-Nest and faving a piece of my work it was quite kind of you to do so. Thank you for giving me a reason to make more creative deviations in the coming future. I wish nothing but the best for you, nothing but good tidings on all you future deviations. I know with given time someday you'll be DeviantArts 1,000,000 view elites....yeah I know I sound crazy saying that but to be honest ambition can take you far and dedication will keep you on the right path, with that I wish you nothing but the best, peace love and so much happiness to you, Live Free, Create Hard and never let constructive criticism discourage you from pumping out more deviations :D *Removes his hat and bows*
Mobis-New-Nest Mar 31, 2014  Hobbyist Artist

*Psst* *Psst* Hey! Hey! Yeah You! Come here, just thought I’d thank you visiting my gallery and doing the whole “Watch Thing”, you know really means a lot to me. It’s what we deviants do for each other when we take the time out of our lives to appreciate the creativity of others, with all due respect you didn’t have to come waltzing into my gallery but I’m glad you did and believe me the Nest really appreciated what you’ve done. I wish nothing but the best for you, nothing but good tidings on all you future deviations. I know with given time someday you'll be DeviantArts 1,000,000 view elites....yeah I know I sound like I have a couple screws loose saying that but to be honest ambition can take you far and dedication will keep you on the right path, with that I wish you nothing but the best, peace love and so much happiness to you, Live Free, Create Hard catch you on the flipside flat foot :p

IceLuxray Apr 7, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Hah, I love your comments on my profile man :3  and you're welcome :D~ have an epic day dude~
Thank you very much for the fave. :3
IceLuxray Mar 24, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Yw~! ^.^ have a lovely day~
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